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Coach Attackers as First Line of Defense [ARTICLE]

by Amplified Soccer on

Use these drills to work on closing down the opposing team's defenders in the attacking third of the pitch and prevent your opponents from...... Continue

A Wonderful Side of Soccer - Helping Kids Feel Like They Belong [ARTICLE]

by Soccer America on

Gerardo Mercado is a 19-year-old Salvadoran who arrived to the United States in 2013, just before the height of the United States'...... Continue

Defending from a 4-2-3-1 formation [ARTICLE]

by NSCAA on

Organization: 40 yds of width, 35 yds of length Servers on each side of the space Servers are targets for the team defending the big goal Attacking team (white) sets up in a 2-2 Defending team (black) sets...... Continue

Functional Off-Season Strength/Power Training Exercises for Soccer [ARTICLE]

by Amplified Soccer on

The following are a menu of exercises that you can add to your off-season program to develop strength/power...... Continue

United Soccer Coaches Announces 2017 High School All-America Teams [ARTICLE]

by United Soccer Coaches on

United Soccer Coaches announced on Monday the association's High School Boys and Girls All-America Teams for the...... Continue

Heading Drill [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Attacking-Head Tennis - Purpose: Getting players comfortable attacking the ball with their head as well as considering where they head the ball and the shape of their approach to the ball relative to the service and the...... Continue

How to Set up Fundraising for a Soccer Program [ARTICLE]

by Amplified Soccer on

Over the course of the past three decades, an increasing number of people in the United States have become fans of...... Continue

Possession to Penetrate [ARTICLE]

by Amplified Soccer on

Organization: Players play in the 10x10 box. Players will set up 3v2 in all three boxes except one. One box will be 3v0. Players begin to pass the ball between...... Continue

Soccer - A Thinking Game [ARTICLE]

by Amplified Soccer on

There rarely seems to be a happy medium. Soccer players over-think. Soccer players under-think. When they do think, they can tend to think about the wrong...... Continue

Long Range Passing Drill [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Purpose: Practicing long-range passing. Organization: Set up an area that measures 60 yards (or meters) by 20 yards and divide the length into three...... Continue