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Why Every Soccer Player and Coach Should Utilize Small-Sided Games [ARTICLE]

by STACK on

The official dimensions of a regulation high school soccer field are 100 yards long and 55 yards wide. Fields can vary up to 20 yards in length and as...... Continue

Coach Attackers as First Line of Defense [ARTICLE]

by Amplified Soccer on

Use these drills to work on closing down the opposing team's defenders in the attacking third of the pitch and prevent your opponents from...... Continue

Defending from a 4-2-3-1 formation [ARTICLE]

by NSCAA on

Organization: 40 yds of width, 35 yds of length Servers on each side of the space Servers are targets for the team defending the big goal Attacking team (white) sets up in a 2-2 Defending team (black) sets...... Continue

Developing Your Team to be Able to Press & Trap [ARTICLE]

by Amplified Soccer Athlete on

Create a 4v4v4. One team defends and when they win the ball from one team, play with their teammates and the 4 other players to create 8v4. The forward's defense has to funnel the ball...... Continue

Individual Defending Exercise [ARTICLE]

by Amplified Soccer Athlete on

When defense is discussed, it is often in the context of the team. Yes, the defensive system employed by a coach, whether it is man-to-man or zonal, is important. But what are as important...... Continue

Three Team Awareness One Touch Game [ARTICLE]

by Amplified Soccer Athlete on

This game should be played often as it provides an overload situation to make it easier to introduce and develop ONE TOUCH PLAY. Working with three teams (numbers depends on how many players you have, e.g. it can be...... Continue

Coaching Attack & Defense Using Small-Sided Games [ARTICLE]

by Amplified Soccer Athlete on

The emphasis of the session will be on the Principles of Attack. Teach the players to use possession to set-up penetration. 4 v 4 will be the smallest unit of play in order to have width and depth for the attack.... Continue

How to Defend Properly as a Soccer Team [ARTICLE]

by Amplified Soccer Athlete on

The art of defending isn't as complex as some soccer coaches and players fear. We've often felt the following set of rules of how to defend properly are overlooked. Building a team with a clear understanding of how to defend properly as a team...... Continue

Role of Holding Midfielder [ARTICLE]

by NSCAA on

The holding midfield player has numerous responsibilities. Physical speed is not considered a major factor for players in this position (although it never hurts) as this is, really, a sweeper in front of the back players with little need to make...... Continue

Group Defending [ARTICLE]

by NSCAA on

3 players 12-15 yards apart Knock it one touch for several passes When one player (3) stops the ball the other two must sprint to pressure it Develop to when a player turns away the other two must sprint and shape to pressure and cover...... Continue