Functional Training for Your Team's Style of Play [ARTICLE]

Functional Training for Your Team's Style of Play
By: Jay Miller

Provided by: Amplified Soccer

The following session comes from Jay Miller and was presented at the 2016 Soccer Champions Coaches' Clinic. Find out more about the Soccer Champions Coaches' Clinic.

Theme: (Short / Intermediate Passing) Possession


Warm up - Create as many passes as possible

Opposite line series

Organization: 2 lines of players facing each other 10 yds apart

Procedure: 2 touch follow your pass (create a slight angle), 1 touch follow your pass, 2 touch play and spin, 1 touch play and spin

Square series

Organization: 10yd x 10yd square, 5 players for each square

Procedure: repeat the pattern illustrated in the diagram, 2 touch, give it and get it, 1 touch reverse the direction on coach's whistle


Pattern series (short passes / Intermediate passes)



• Place 2 players at each position as shown in the diagram

• The length of the pattern area is 30 yds


• The ball is passed counter clockwise around the 4 positions. Players rotate the same direction after passing

• Options: 2 touch, 1 touch, give it and get it

Coaching Pts:

• Check away and back to receive the pass

• Train as if you are in a live game

Possession 5 v 5 + 2 (Field 50 yds x 35 yds)



• 5 players on each team + 2 neutral players

• 10 uninterrupted passes = 1 pt.


• Players 3 touch, neutral players 2 touch. Progress to 2 touch, neutral players 1 touch

• Later add small goals: Scoring: 8 passes = 1 pt, goal = 1 pt.

• Place players in a shape comparable to their 11 aside positions

Coaching Pts:

• Stress maintaining a good team shape

• Position your body open to the field

• Whenever possible play in the direction you are facing

6 v 6 + GKs to large goals



• Field: 55 yds x 50 yds, 2 large goal

• Players 6 per team

• Goal = 1 pt.


• 3 touch

• Free play

Coaching Pts:

• Maintain a good team shape. Play quickly

• The object is to score (always have shooting in mind)

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