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Why Every Soccer Player and Coach Should Utilize Small-Sided Games [ARTICLE]

by STACK on

The official dimensions of a regulation high school soccer field are 100 yards long and 55 yards wide. Fields can vary up to 20 yards in length and as...... Continue

Heading Drill [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Attacking-Head Tennis - Purpose: Getting players comfortable attacking the ball with their head as well as considering where they head the ball and the shape of their approach to the ball relative to the service and the...... Continue

Possession to Penetrate [ARTICLE]

by Amplified Soccer on

Organization: Players play in the 10x10 box. Players will set up 3v2 in all three boxes except one. One box will be 3v0. Players begin to pass the ball between...... Continue

Long Range Passing Drill [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Purpose: Practicing long-range passing. Organization: Set up an area that measures 60 yards (or meters) by 20 yards and divide the length into three...... Continue

Soccer is a Sideways on Sport [ARTICLE]

by Amplified Soccer on

Baseball, cricket, boxing and golf are all sideways on sports. Baseball players, cricketers and boxers are sideways on because they are one...... Continue

Developing Players Technically [ARTICLE]

by Amplified Soccer on

WU "Y" Shape Passing Exercise: Cones set up in a "Y" shape with two players on each cone except one at the middle cone; Sequence #1 - Ball starts with...... Continue

Functional Crossing and Finishing Drill [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Purpose: Providing realistic, frequent crossing and finishing opportunities. Organization: Set up a 40- x 50-yard (37 x 46 m) playing area with two full-size...... Continue

Running with the Ball in a 3 v 3 Small-Sided Game [ARTICLE]

by Amplified Soccer on

Here are two small-sided games with an emphasis on running with the ball. Players work on creating space, decision making, technique and more. To score...... Continue

5 v 2 to 2 v 1 Small Sided Passing and Receiving Game [ARTICLE]

by Amplified Soccer on

Procedure: The two teams in the central zones are playing 5 v 2. After making five passes, the attacking team can play the ball into the 2 v 1 in the...... Continue

Technical Dribbling & Shooting Session [ARTICLE]

by Amplified Soccer Athlete on

Activity 1 - Set-up: In a 30 yard wide x 40 yard long grid divided into three 10 yard wide channels. Every player has a soccer ball. Part 1: The player at...... Continue