Possession to Penetrate [ARTICLE]

Possession to Penetrate
By: Mario Prata

Provided by: Amplified Soccer

This session was presented at the 2017 Soccer Champions Coaches' Clinic by Mario Prata. Find out more about the Soccer Champions Coaches' Clinic.


• Players play in the 10x10 box

• Players will set up 3v2 in all three boxes except one. One box will be 3v0

• Players begin to pass the ball between them.

• Defenders will try to win the ball back.

• Defenders free to go to 3v0 box at any time.

• Attackers must be aware of the defenders and keep the possession as much as possible in the grid shown.

• 15 minutes


Coaching Points:

Technique: Passing >>> Toe up (Inside) or down & turned in (outside), placement of the non-kicking food, pace of the ball, timing of the passes, eye contact, eyes on the ball, strike the ball solid through middle

Receiving >>> Keep feet moving before the ball arrives and go to it, receiving first touch directional, Eye on the ball, keep ankle of receiving foot locked and body behind the ball, sideways on receiving


• 6 v 5

• Both teams try to find their #9 to penetrate

• They score one point when they find #9

• They score two points if they execute a combination play and find #9

•20 minutes


Coaching Points:

What? Tactic: Attacking Principles >>> Penetration & Support & Mobility

What? Technique: Passing & Receiving

What? Physical: Runs on and off the ball (pure speed)

What? Psychological: Mental skills - takes charge - commitment

• What surface should you strike the ball with? And receive the pass?

• Where should your first touch be?

• How should your body angle be when receiving the ball?

• Why is it important to play the ball to correct foot of your teammate?

• When should you provide support?


• 9v9 to a large goal

• Red team will score on a big goal

• White team will score by dribbling or with combining with another player to an end zone

• 20 minutes


Coaching Points:

What? Tactic: Attacking Principles >>> Width & Improvisation (Penetration & Support &Mobility)

What? Technique: Passing & Receiving What? Physical: Quickness, strength, ability and balance

What? Psychological: Work ethic, game involvement and aggressiveness

• When to possess or penetrate?

• How do we create passing or dribbling lanes through opponents?

• When should we split the defenders?

• What visual or verbal cues should you be using with your teammates?

• When and Where should we provide with, why?

• What determines when we need to play fast? • Why should we slow down?

• What is the purpose of it?


• Red Team: 1-3-1-3-1

• White Team: 1-3-2-3

• 20 minutes

Continue to reinforce the coaching points of the session.


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08 Nov 2017

By Amplified Soccer
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