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Can the World Cup Coming to North America Help Save College Soccer? [ARTICLE]

by CollegeAD on

The World Cup is coming to North America in 2026. FIFA made the announcement Wednesday, a day before the 2018 World Cup gets underway in Russia, as...... Continue

The REAL Meaning of Great Body Language in Soccer [ARTICLE]

by Amplified Soccer on

As you've probably noticed I talk about body language a lot...specifically its importance to your soccer. I tweet about body language every day. I've...... Continue

NCAA Eligibility Center [ARTICLE]

by NCAA on

When the goal is college athletics, the secret to success for many student-athletes often comes down to a simple premise: Knowing what...... Continue

Why Every Soccer Player and Coach Should Utilize Small-Sided Games [ARTICLE]

by STACK on

The official dimensions of a regulation high school soccer field are 100 yards long and 55 yards wide. Fields can vary up to 20 yards in length and as...... Continue

A Wonderful Side of Soccer - Helping Kids Feel Like They Belong [ARTICLE]

by Soccer America on

Gerardo Mercado is a 19-year-old Salvadoran who arrived to the United States in 2013, just before the height of the United States'...... Continue

United Soccer Coaches Announces 2017 High School All-America Teams [ARTICLE]

by United Soccer Coaches on

United Soccer Coaches announced on Monday the association's High School Boys and Girls All-America Teams for the...... Continue

How to Set up Fundraising for a Soccer Program [ARTICLE]

by Amplified Soccer on

Over the course of the past three decades, an increasing number of people in the United States have become fans of...... Continue

Soccer - A Thinking Game [ARTICLE]

by Amplified Soccer on

There rarely seems to be a happy medium. Soccer players over-think. Soccer players under-think. When they do think, they can tend to think about the wrong...... Continue

Watching for and Avoiding Burnout [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Coaches sometimes joke that there are only two times when they feel stressed-day and night. Although that story represents the extreme case, certainly...... Continue

What Makes a Winner? [ARTICLE]

by Amplified Soccer on

As a sports dad and coach for two young daughters, it's hard to avoid the heated debate over Participation Trophies (a debate I'm glad to stay out of). But the...... Continue